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The studio

This animation and design studio from Lima, Peru was created by Peruvian artist Maria Jose Campos. Currently, MJ Campos is working in its own audiovisual productions and designing picturebooks for clients. We participate in stories about identity, cultural inheritance and the relationship humans have with nature.

We offer illustration and graphic design services to clients all over the world and are looking for partners and co-producers to work together on our inhouse projects.


The team


Maria Jose Campos

Founder and General Director

Creator and designer from Lima, Peru, living in Aarhus, Denmark. Studied Classical Animation in Vancouver Film School and is studying an Erasmus Mundus Master in Children's Literature, Media and Culture. As a color and art lover, she mostly illustrates projects for children and is a big fan of Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli and popcorn.


Alex Lagos

Writer and Finances

Lives in Valparaiso, Chile. Studied screenwriting in multiple occasions and worked with talented people, mainly in comics. Loves dark humour from old cartoons and tries to put a little of it in his work.


Fatima Lock

Producer and Coordinator

Lives in Lima, Peru. Studied an MFA on Film and Video Production (VFX) in Dongguk University, South Korea. She loves production and editing. Her interests include manga adaptation in an audiovisual product, korean wave and popular culture.

Our clients and partners

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